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Luxury Magnetic Eyeliner (Magnetic Lashes Only)

Luxurious lashes in minutes – no mess, no fuss!

For a hassle-free & mess-free application in minutes, use the Luxury Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner. Best of all, NO GLUE REQUIRED! 




Apply 2 coats of the specially magnetized formulated Magnetic Eyeliner along your lash line and create your desired wing finish.


Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes and apply your lashes on top of the liner gently pressing them into place with your fingers.




Before putting the lashes on, measure the length of the lash band against your eyes, if the lash band is longer than your eyes or you would prefer a smaller band, trim off a section ensuring that there is always a magnet on each end of the lash to avoid lifting in the corners.


Apply one coat on each eye along the lash line, then apply the 2nd coat, paying particular attention to the ends to ensure there is sufficient liner for maximum hold.


Align the inner and outer corners, before using your fingers to gently place them over the eyeliner along your lash line.


Avoid placing the lashes too close to the inner corner of the eye to ensure maximum comfort and hold.

Luxury Magnetic Eyeliner (Magnetic Lashes Only)

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